The Fabulous Demise of Reality

Please believe me when I say none of us saw this coming.

Fashionable blinders worn by the masses

cheap entertainment “reality”

No one thought it would come to this.

Orange, such a pretty color and you all tuned in to watch.

Poor behavior, harsh insults, impossible demands.

Blinders replace with blindfolds

Ratings rose dollar signs danced

How could we have known?

Youtubers, so popular, doing make overs with Cheetos.

Tiny hands threaten liberty for some

Sanity for most

How could it all have gone so wrong.

Colleges sell get rich quick schemes,

climate change a science fiction lie,

student debt rising salaries fall

How could we have seen this coming?

We will make this up to you we promise.

Burn it down, no too harsh.

The bound masses are not ready

Demolish the the student loan debt, that we can do.

The ropes fray

Health care for all, we can do that too.

The blind folder falls

Redistribute the wealth? Ok to that too.

Freedom is felt

We could even save the planet, it’s all in the programming after all.

And you have all changed the channel.

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Super Moon


Supermoons and Eclipses are beautiful and inspiring in the night sky. A blood moon on top of it is even more impressive. The writer in me is drowning in story ideas these last few days. The question: Was it the Moon or the Magick? Me, I think was both. The moon inspires some of the greatest legends and story of our times. Take the Lycan, commonly known as a werewolf, every full moon the human loses control and goes back to its animalistic ways and wanders the countryside as a wolf wreaking havoc on the villagers. Years ago instead of being mentally ill, you were a lunatic. The word lunatic derives from Lunaticus meaning “Moonstruck”.

Before electricity people only traveled at night during the full moon because there was light. They created Grimm Fairy Tales to teach children about the dangers of the dark. These fairy tales gave rise to the belief in evil wolves and witches prowling the countryside looking for tasty snacks. There were even points in our history where farmers and villagers would go to sleep at dusk and wake around midnight and socialize for a few hours while the moon was high in the sky. They would then return to bed and rise with the sun.

Of course, you can’t forget the effect the moon has on the tides. “High tides and low tides are caused by the moon. The moon’s gravitational pull generates something called the tidal force”- SciJinks. Without the moon the Earth would not exist as we have come to know, we might not even be the creatures we are now. Scientists agree on the tides but people argue that the moon doesn’t have an effect on people. Now, remember you are 70% water.

Do you feel like the moon phases have an impact on your creative life? Are they positive or negative?

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Procrastination & NaNoWriMo




The pressures of November can be hard for writers. Do you compete in Nanowrimo? Do your goal for 50,000 words? Maybe you start that screenplay you always wanted to write? Whichever you choose, you will to outline, plan, and set aside time hoping NaNoWriMo goes smoothly. Only it doesn’t. You sit down to start writing on Nov 1 and realize you hate your idea, or you’re not feeling the characters you spent the last month planning out. Now you’re starting out behind the eight-ball trying to come up with a new idea. Writer’s block is hitting for all direction and days are ticking by, and your word count is in the gutter.

Snap out of it! This month is a time to remind yourself that if you successful adjust your schedule, even if all you’re currently doing is complaining, then you can make time to write all the time. No one is going to come and check that your word count is all for the same book. Be like me and procrastinate writing a blog, I’ve finished a few months’ worths already. I also have written short stories, essays, and website writing that I was putting off. Make procrastination work for you. Because when you see all the words, you have put down on paper avoiding writing you will realize you’ve been going all along.

Now stop reading blogs and write one of your and before you know it, you will be sailing through your word count and have short stories galore. Be flexible with yourself, and if you extend into December then your novel will be a wonderful early Christmas present.

After writing this blog I knocked out over 3,000 words on my NaNoWriMo project. All it took was getting started.


Writing is Writing

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Getting Back on the Horse


       This weekend I joined an intimate group of writers to embark on a short story-a-thon. The goal was to write a short story 5,000 words or less and publish the completed story on Amazon. It began promptly at 5 pm on Friday and ended at 6 pm on Sunday. Yes, we were allowed home to sleep. I wasn’t sure I could write and publish in a single weekend, but I surprised myself. Our host Sonja Dewing kept the group on track with writing sprints and socializing break. I can’t wait to work with her for Nanowrimo, maybe I not only finish but beat my goal.

My reason for signing up for this event probably wasn’t unique. I use to write a lot. I’ve complete short screenplays, YA novels (young adult), and numerous short stories and flash fiction. A couple of years ago life got busy and my time for writing dried up. I’ve been trying to restart the flame for the last few months, but I’ve only gotten sputtering starts. After this intense weekend of writing, I feel almost back on track. It is Monday after all and I’m sitting here writing.

Thank you Plot Duckies for the support and the motivation to get me back to doing the thing I love, writing. Check on Facebook to see when the next short Story-a-thon is and jump in.


Check out my winning story at Amazon! 


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Doggies Treats

“Son of a bitch. It’s bad enough your God damn dog tore up my prize tomatoes but now he killed my chicken too.” Jon stood clenching his fist. His face the color of his prize tomatoes that were strewed about the yard.
“Dude you need to chill. He just animal and that’s what they do man” the young man said from the other side of the fence his eyes match the color of Jon’s face.
“If I catch that damn animal-“ Jon shook his fist in the air and stomped across his yard slamming the sliding glass hard enough to make it rattle. A few beers and some football later Jon woke up on the couch to the sound of dog, howling. Armed with the shotgun he kept by the door for an emergency, he stormed out the door to find the dog digging up all his potatoes. In the silence of the night, Jon grabbed the barrel of the gun and swung it over his shoulder like a bat and crept towards the dog. “Gotcha” he whispered.
“Hey man, I’m making some burgers. What do you say I make you one and we bury the hatched,” Jon waved at his neighbor over the fence whistling has he flip the sizzling meat patties.He through one on a bun with fresh topping. “When until you taste what fresh lettuce can add to a burger.”
“Hey man, thanks. Have you seen my dog?” the young man walked up to the fence and shook hands with Jon.
“No, I’m sure he’ll be along.”
“Yeah man,” He took a huge bite of the burger and pointed at his mouth smiling and nodding.
“Special recipe for special occasions,” Jon said with a smile. “I’ll get you another to go.”

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In Preparation For June

Burning eyes, far-away voices. How? Why? I’m not ready. I’ll never be ready. Forcing air into my lungs, I closed my eyes, my ears, my heart. Images flash through my mind, the past, the future, anything but today. Arms crossed, fists clenching. Everything fades away except the fire in my belly. Peeling my eyes open the sun is setting over the empty cemetery. My shoulders drop, my fingers wrapped gingerly around the small vial in my pocket.

It was never any good without you, my love.


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FOFVA- Friends of Film Video and Arts

New Mexico-based Friends of Film Video and Arts is celebrating its 10th anniversary with big changes. Anne Stirling a founding member of FoFVA is spearheading the new direction with the help of dedicated FoFVA members, not only will they continue to be a relationship building group, but now they will be going into hands-on production.

Anne, with the help of FoFVA, wants to re-invent how quality television is made; by creating a new, cooperative production with one of her projects that is close to her heart, Quirky View. Quirky View, a television show showcasing real people doing real things that are fun and different, will be the vehicle to help FoFVA grow from a networking group into a hands-on, broadcast quality, film-training program, that gives back to the community. “This endeavor will be a great way for people to get involved in a production and see it through,” shares Stirling. “Quirky View a top quality, well respected, and well-received series that is in demand year to year as an upbeat, off-beat content that highlights people doing things they are passionate about.

It will be a long year of working out the details, but FoFVA will begin a production schedule in January 2015. With a small-dedicated group, FoFVA hopes to make a business model that will inspire others and add diversity to television and movie line-ups. What will be the outcome from designing a new business model for production? The production will continually train new people in all areas of film including cross-training members, giving members a place to teach and share experiences from the film world, and a database of FoFVA members to showcase their talents, projects and skill sets. FoFVA hopes one day to be a clearinghouse of all things film in New Mexico; for now building a community of quality filmmakers helping one another is the priority. It will also give members a chance to own a share of the production the way customers own part of their local co-op.

FoFVA will reach out to all the film organizations in New Mexico, guest filmmakers, and online submission from all over for Quirky View segments to make a fully collaborative endeavor. Professionals in all areas will be brought in to mentor and keep the production running as members learn what needs to be done.

FoFVA is celebrating 10 years by leaping into uncharted territory to demystify the film industry and make it accessible to people who might not have another way to learn, hands-on. This first year maybe a rough one, but it will be full of surprises and wonderful adventures into cooperative productions.

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FreshABQ- A New Way to Look at Food

FreshABQ may not be a household name yet, but it will be. This innovated venture by Chef Jon Young of Corrales, New Mexico will soon be on everyone lips and their stomachs. It’s not just a food truck; it’s a food revolution on wheels. FreshABQ stands out from the crowd by offering a dine-in experience in a mobile setting. Cooking with only the freshest ingredients, as local as possible, FreshABQ is embracing sustainable, green living while remaining community focused.

FreshABQ began as an idea in Chef Young’s mind. Watching the food truck revolution spread across this nation, he wanted to bring people to their cuisine in style. The plan formed when he and his wife, Melissa Young, found the old KOB News 1955 Twin Motor Coach bus just sitting outside Socorro, New Mexico, not being used. With a vision, few could have seen, and a skill set to make it happen, the Youngs and their mechanic, Micah Black-Garcia, towed, the vintage bus up to Corrales and began renovations. The touring bus is in the process of going from a rusty hollowed out shell to a food bistro on wheels with seating for twelve. The bus will be themed after the famous Orient Express and will take its passengers on tantalizing food adventures.

During the month, the bus will go from a fresh food truck menu to Epicurean Chef’s dinners in different locations around New Mexico. What better way to bring the land and its food together in one place?  ARCA, a private not-for-profit organization, will supply most of the fresh produce. They employ over 600 jobs for developmentally disabled children and adults and organically grown food here in New Mexico. “Giving back to the community, and sustainably sourced food is important to FreshAbq,” says Chef Young. “We want people to know what’s in their food, where it comes from, and how it was prepared.”

In the future, Chef Young and his wife envision taking FreshABQ even further, by taking the bus and its passengers out to locally source their food themselves. “It’s important to see each step in the process to truly appreciate your dining experience,” shared Young.  New Mexico has many unique food options available, and FreshABQ wants to take you to them all.  Visit and find out how you can help bring this dream to life.

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Manu Bennett

From athlete to actor, covering the gambit in between, Manu Bennett has a career to be proud of. From his home country of New Zealand to the American shoreline, action, adventure, and middle Earth have been part of his life.

A young Manu was trained by his father to be a national athlete in New Zealand. He competed mostly in running, jumping, and throwing events. “My best event was the hurdles, maybe a metaphor given the many I’ve had to leap throughout life.” The first of those many hurdles came in the two week time period that his mother and brother were killed in two separate car accidents. Bennett’s grades fell do to poor concentration and emotional pain. Rugby became his outlet of choice along with the arts. He excelled on the field, venting his aggression. Later in his career he used these emotions to bring characters to life on the screen.

Art as therapy continued into his teenage years when a girlfriend, who was a ballerina, asked him and his friend to help the troop by being in West Side Story. Which led to other musicals such as Grease and Swan Lake. “In fact,” Bennett said. “I couldn’t attend the trials for the Australian Schoolboys Rugby Union Team because I was committed to a local production of Swan Lake. Trying to explain that to a bunch of rugby lads was futile. It was my Billy Elliot moment, but I loved dancing. Dancing proved to be as physically demanding as Rugby, with the advantage of carrying around ballerinas. Dancing gives a body awareness you don’t necessarily get in other sports.”

After his mother’s death, Bennett was sent to Maori Boarding School in rural New Zealand. The school was rife with bullying and a drastically different attitude then the urban Australian schools he had previously attended. “That school was very much a Spartacus type experience for me, where survival meant pretty much having to fight for your rights.” In hindsight, the school played a huge role in his career, allowing him to be fully invested in characters he played. The example came in handy when it came to his role as Crixus from Spartucas. “I took a lot of that experience with me into my performance on the series and portraying the character of Crixus from bully to a gladiator who was forced to join with others.” expressed Bennett. “It was tough but I figure: If you haven’t lived it, you can’t be that great at acting it.”

Challenging roles with a good support system are what actors dream about to expand their range. The Hobbit, was a learning experience. The opportunity to work with Peter Jackson was one he will not forget. “Working with Peter was a great honor, something I hold as the highest achievement in my career thus far, yet it was the shortest & probably the most underpaid job I’ve done,” Bennett shared. “Stepping into the shoes of Andy Serkis was overwhelming and creating Azog, the leader of the Orcs, posed a whole bunch of new opportunities for me as an actor, developing scenes in post-production when all of the other actors had wrapped. I’m lucky Peter was as patient & understanding a man as he is, because I stretched everything out to get the most out of the little I had to work with, including a pommel horse on skate wheels that I rode which would later evolve into my white warg, a giant wolf creature. When I asked Peter if I could develop a relationship with my warg he took a deep breath & trusted me & for whatever it was worth it was a decisive choice in how I played out Azog, who spent a lot of time riding that white warg. The artistry & technology involved in The Hobbit was on another level & the commeraderie on the set of a Peter Jackson production is spurred on by the General himself – it’s just a feeling in the air. New York actors have Martin Scorcese, New Zealand actors have Sir Peter Jackson.”

From Kuwait to L.A., the audition for Deathstroke, Bennett’s latest character on the television series Arrow, was not something to be taken lightly. In Kuwait, a week before the audition, Bennett was training with Special Forces officers in the art of the take down. When he arrived in L.A. for the read, Bennett gave them a little something special. “The one thing no one in the casting room was counting on was when I got the reader auditioning with me in the choke hold, “Bennett says. “I actually choked him out and he collapsed on the ground momentarily unconscious. It was a very strange moment when the whole world just stops. I asked the casting director if him collapsing was meant to be part of the scene that he was acting out. The director said, ‘No. I think you choked him out.’ I apologized profusely, but he stopped me and said ‘It was perfect.’ So, what I thought might have been my last Hollywood audition turned into an epic journey taking me to Vancouver, Canada for 18 months where I helped turn Slade Wilson into one of DC Comic World’s most popular super villains.” Unfortunately Deathstroke is still in purgatory, so there were no juicy bits to spill about Season three, so we will all have to stay tuned in. Bennett did leave us one teasing bit of information. After he leave the Santa Fe Comic Con at the end of the month, he will be on his way to Seattle for an “interesting project”. You’ll hear more about that in 2015!

An inspirational career to many, Bennett knows how to take on the hurdles of life and come out on top. Hard work and learning to focus his emotional stress into physical activity and acting has taken the sting away, but not his memories. Tune in and watch Bennett on Arrow on the CW (he will get out of purgatory) and look for new projects coming from this versatile actor.

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The Jemez Bath House

Tucked away against the red rock and the green pine trees sits the Jemez Bath House. The bath house has been a staple in Jemez Springs for over a hundred years. It was the first public building constructed in Jemez Springs at the end of the 1800s. Today, not much about the building has changed. A small store greets guests upon arrival, offering everything from clothing to specially blended bath salts. Down a short flight of stairs, and you step into the historical part of the building, built in 1876. Two bathrooms face you with curtains on either side that lead to the baths. Generally the women’s side is off to the left and the men’s to the right, each side holds about 5 tubs that can be separated by curtains. Peaceful music plays overhead and talking is asked to be kept to a minimum. Hot water is clearly marked, and comes straight from the hot springs. The cold water isn’t really cold, its held outside and cooled to around 80 degrees. The tubs are partially filled for you. Once inside, you are given a container to store your things in, if needed. The Bathhouse offers a variety of soaking times along with herbal and towel wraps and massages. Today we are indulging in the Bathhouse special – a 30 minute soak, 30 minute herbal wrap, and a 60 minute massage.

After picking some lovely smelling bath salts I spent a peaceful 30 minutes soaking in the big old stone tubs. I could hear the birds singing outside the windows above. I’ve been told the Bathhouse is haunted, so no matter how relaxed I am, I have one eye open for anything spooky. The half hour flies by and I’m asked to step out of my private tub space onto a massage table lined up against the other wall. A hot, wet towel soak with herbs lays on the table and then I’m covered with another, before being wrapped with blankets. A cool compress is place behind my head and over my eyes. A light mist of lavender and rose is sprayed over me before I’m left alone to relax further.

By the time I get to my massage, my tension has drained away and I’m ready for a nap. The friendly therapist carries my things into a private massage room through the next door. There is quiet music playing with a small air-conditioner running in the window for wonderful gray noise. The massages at the Bathhouse are light and designed to relax. If your hoping to have an issue worked out, this isn’t the place. The atmosphere is meant to take you away from your everyday life and soothe you in the energy of the mountain hot springs. They succeed every time.

The main drawback to the Bathhouse is the fact you won’t want to leave Jemez when you’re done.

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