The Fabulous Demise of Reality

Please believe me when I say none of us saw this coming.

Fashionable blinders worn by the masses

cheap entertainment “reality”

No one thought it would come to this.

Orange, such a pretty color and you all tuned in to watch.

Poor behavior, harsh insults, impossible demands.

Blinders replace with blindfolds

Ratings rose dollar signs danced

How could we have known?

Youtubers, so popular, doing make overs with Cheetos.

Tiny hands threaten liberty for some

Sanity for most

How could it all have gone so wrong.

Colleges sell get rich quick schemes,

climate change a science fiction lie,

student debt rising salaries fall

How could we have seen this coming?

We will make this up to you we promise.

Burn it down, no too harsh.

The bound masses are not ready

Demolish the the student loan debt, that we can do.

The ropes fray

Health care for all, we can do that too.

The blind folder falls

Redistribute the wealth? Ok to that too.

Freedom is felt

We could even save the planet, it’s all in the programming after all.

And you have all changed the channel.

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