Super Moon


Supermoons and Eclipses are beautiful and inspiring in the night sky. A blood moon on top of it is even more impressive. The writer in me is drowning in story ideas these last few days. The question: Was it the Moon or the Magick? Me, I think was both. The moon inspires some of the greatest legends and story of our times. Take the Lycan, commonly known as a werewolf, every full moon the human loses control and goes back to its animalistic ways and wanders the countryside as a wolf wreaking havoc on the villagers. Years ago instead of being mentally ill, you were a lunatic. The word lunatic derives from Lunaticus meaning “Moonstruck”.

Before electricity people only traveled at night during the full moon because there was light. They created Grimm Fairy Tales to teach children about the dangers of the dark. These fairy tales gave rise to the belief in evil wolves and witches prowling the countryside looking for tasty snacks. There were even points in our history where farmers and villagers would go to sleep at dusk and wake around midnight and socialize for a few hours while the moon was high in the sky. They would then return to bed and rise with the sun.

Of course, you can’t forget the effect the moon has on the tides. “High tides and low tides are caused by the moon. The moon’s gravitational pull generates something called the tidal force”- SciJinks. Without the moon the Earth would not exist as we have come to know, we might not even be the creatures we are now. Scientists agree on the tides but people argue that the moon doesn’t have an effect on people. Now, remember you are 70% water.

Do you feel like the moon phases have an impact on your creative life? Are they positive or negative?

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