Procrastination & NaNoWriMo




The pressures of November can be hard for writers. Do you compete in Nanowrimo? Do your goal for 50,000 words? Maybe you start that screenplay you always wanted to write? Whichever you choose, you will to outline, plan, and set aside time hoping NaNoWriMo goes smoothly. Only it doesn’t. You sit down to start writing on Nov 1 and realize you hate your idea, or you’re not feeling the characters you spent the last month planning out. Now you’re starting out behind the eight-ball trying to come up with a new idea. Writer’s block is hitting for all direction and days are ticking by, and your word count is in the gutter.

Snap out of it! This month is a time to remind yourself that if you successful adjust your schedule, even if all you’re currently doing is complaining, then you can make time to write all the time. No one is going to come and check that your word count is all for the same book. Be like me and procrastinate writing a blog, I’ve finished a few months’ worths already. I also have written short stories, essays, and website writing that I was putting off. Make procrastination work for you. Because when you see all the words, you have put down on paper avoiding writing you will realize you’ve been going all along.

Now stop reading blogs and write one of your and before you know it, you will be sailing through your word count and have short stories galore. Be flexible with yourself, and if you extend into December then your novel will be a wonderful early Christmas present.

After writing this blog I knocked out over 3,000 words on my NaNoWriMo project. All it took was getting started.


Writing is Writing

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