Getting Back on the Horse


       This weekend I joined an intimate group of writers to embark on a short story-a-thon. The goal was to write a short story 5,000 words or less and publish the completed story on Amazon. It began promptly at 5 pm on Friday and ended at 6 pm on Sunday. Yes, we were allowed home to sleep. I wasn’t sure I could write and publish in a single weekend, but I surprised myself. Our host Sonja Dewing kept the group on track with writing sprints and socializing break. I can’t wait to work with her for Nanowrimo, maybe I not only finish but beat my goal.

My reason for signing up for this event probably wasn’t unique. I use to write a lot. I’ve complete short screenplays, YA novels (young adult), and numerous short stories and flash fiction. A couple of years ago life got busy and my time for writing dried up. I’ve been trying to restart the flame for the last few months, but I’ve only gotten sputtering starts. After this intense weekend of writing, I feel almost back on track. It is Monday after all and I’m sitting here writing.

Thank you Plot Duckies for the support and the motivation to get me back to doing the thing I love, writing. Check on Facebook to see when the next short Story-a-thon is and jump in.


Check out my winning story at Amazon! 


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