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FreshABQ- A New Way to Look at Food

FreshABQ may not be a household name yet, but it will be. This innovated venture by Chef Jon Young of Corrales, New Mexico will soon be on everyone lips and their stomachs. It’s not just a food truck; it’s a food revolution on wheels. FreshABQ stands out from the crowd by offering a dine-in experience in a mobile setting. Cooking with only the freshest ingredients, as local as possible, FreshABQ is embracing sustainable, green living while remaining community focused.

FreshABQ began as an idea in Chef Young’s mind. Watching the food truck revolution spread across this nation, he wanted to bring people to their cuisine in style. The plan formed when he and his wife, Melissa Young, found the old KOB News 1955 Twin Motor Coach bus just sitting outside Socorro, New Mexico, not being used. With a vision, few could have seen, and a skill set to make it happen, the Youngs and their mechanic, Micah Black-Garcia, towed, the vintage bus up to Corrales and began renovations. The touring bus is in the process of going from a rusty hollowed out shell to a food bistro on wheels with seating for twelve. The bus will be themed after the famous Orient Express and will take its passengers on tantalizing food adventures.

During the month, the bus will go from a fresh food truck menu to Epicurean Chef’s dinners in different locations around New Mexico. What better way to bring the land and its food together in one place?  ARCA, a private not-for-profit organization, will supply most of the fresh produce. They employ over 600 jobs for developmentally disabled children and adults and organically grown food here in New Mexico. “Giving back to the community, and sustainably sourced food is important to FreshAbq,” says Chef Young. “We want people to know what’s in their food, where it comes from, and how it was prepared.”

In the future, Chef Young and his wife envision taking FreshABQ even further, by taking the bus and its passengers out to locally source their food themselves. “It’s important to see each step in the process to truly appreciate your dining experience,” shared Young.  New Mexico has many unique food options available, and FreshABQ wants to take you to them all.  Visit http://www.supportfreshabq.com and find out how you can help bring this dream to life.

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