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RJ Mitte

By Winter Flack

Back in New Mexico, after traveling the country, RJ Mitte feels like he returned home. Here in Albuquerque for Albuquerque Comic Expo (ACE), Mitte has a smile on his face, but the expo isn’t the only thing that has bought him back to the Land of Enchantment. He has a new project in the pipeline that is close to his heart, out here in the beautiful southwest.

Mitte first time out as an executive producer is for the film, Vanished: The Tara Calico Story. Having known the family of this nineteen year old who went missing without a trace, Mitte wanted to help bring peace to this small town in New Mexico and bring closure to the families involved in the 25 year-old mystery. Tara Calico of Belen, New Mexico disappeared one day while riding her bike never to be seen or heard from again. “Having a little sister, and knowing this could happened to her, made me want to bring awareness to people of the danger”. This project differs in so many ways from what people know RJ Mitte for. He’s not acting or being a spokesperson. He is helping to give a voice to someone who hasn’t had one in a long time. In the film he made it clear that the people they interview will do the talking and provide evidence. There will be no fancy editing or trying to point blame on his of the project, his goal, to bring truth to light for this missing girl and her family and closure to a cold case. Not what most people would expect from Walter White’s on screen son, but he did start out on Hannah Montana so he has a soft spot for Disney endings when ever possible.
At the ripe old age of twelve RJ moved with his family from Texas to LA so his younger sister could pursue a career in Hollywood. Initially all RJ planned for his Los Angeles adventure was to go to school and make some friends, but one day while looking for a new agent for his sister he received a proposal he couldn’t refuse. The agent wanted him to work in Hollywood. To RJ amazement he began doing background on tween televisions show while take acting lesson four times a week. “It was a whirlwind”. With in six months he landed a role on A&E’s Breaking Bad. He played Walter White JR the son of soon to be drug king pin of Albuquerque Walter White SR. The character suffered from a minor case of cerebral palsy like RJ himself.

The pilot for Breaking Bad will always be RJ’s favorite episode even through there were so many great times on the set. The first episode everyone knew they had something special going. “It was such a wealth of knowledge to work such amazing people.” Breaking Bad will always hold a special place in the hearts of the fans and the people who worked on the show. It was the first show of it’s kind, even promoting a funeral for the main character of the show, a fundraiser for healthcare for the homeless.

RJ also used the recognition he garnered from the show to speak out about cerebral palsy and how disabilities can affect people. “I don’t really think about it (cerebral palsy), in all honest”. He just wants to be seen as RJ doing whatever RJ is doing at the moment, he never took into account his disability. In his latest role on ABC Family’s Switch at Birth RJ plays a character confined to a wheel chair. “My new role I’m playing a paraplegic, I’m progressively getting worse”. Playing a paraplegic on set opened RJ eyes to how differently people with physical disabilities are treated by some. He’s not worried about being type cast in the role, because he makes the decisions on what roles he takes and when.

In the spirit of ACE RJ thinks he would make a great super villain. He wants to keep growing creating and trying new things whenever he can. When asked what he wants to leave behind for a legacy “I will always be a Breaking Bad kid. I already have a legacy even though it might fade”. Beyond Breaking Bad RJ wants to make a positive difference in the world and make sure his family is always provided for.
Growing changing and moving forward I the focus of RJ Mitte’s life, but he will always have a soft spot for his second home here in Albuquerque, and it will always have a soft spot for him. New Mexico hopes to see RJ back here again and again over his career in all the different roles he will be playing.

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A Character laid to rest – The Walt White Funeral Pre-Show

RIP Walter

RIP Walter

A breezy October day, the grass is just starting to turn yellow as the temperature begins to drop here in Albuquerque. There are families quietly visiting their loved ones scattered throughout the grounds here at Sunset Memorial. Deep in the back of the cemetery, near a wall hiding the freeway from view of the mourners, there sits a large tombstone surrounded by flowers.  People begin to trickle in slowly heading for the memorial of Walter White, long before the procession arrives. It’s an eclectic crowd that begins to form, many from out of state, most cloaked in formal black attire. A gentleman with a large basket begins to zigzag through the masses. He is offering programs and bracelets for the event to come for a small donation. TV crews and news cameras are set up around the area. The employees walk through the crowd making last minute adjustments and talking with the gatherers. Many think this is a fitting end to a long running drama.

There have also been many complaints lodged with the cemetery about today’s services. Many expressing their grievances that the infamous Walter White is going to be buried along side their loved ones final resting place. Their concerns primarily about traffic and gawkers that many of the sites here in Albuquerque have had to deal with since the phenomenon Breaking Bad hit the airwaves six years ago. Sunset Memorial Park has said if any of those problems arise, they would remove the headstone being laid for Walter White. They believe the cause they are supporting today, Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless, is important and will continue with the funeral.

More people begin to arrive at Sunset Memorial as the clock strikes 4:00. The procession of vehicles will be leaving from Los Ranchos with a Sheriff’s Department escort through the city. In the procession will be the beloved Winnebago in which Walter White learned to cook meth in the middle of the desert. For a donation to the cause, Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless, you can ride in along. A live YouTube feed had been set up so people all over the world could watch the proceedings and donate along with the almost 300 people in attendance. The hope is to raise 100,000 dollars for the cause at hand. Vernon’s Steakhouse will be holding the reception after the service with proceeds also being donated.

Waiting for the procession to arrive, a single irate woman stomps through the crowd towards her two teenage sons, demanding that they leave immediately. She claims that people here in New Mexico were not taught proper manners and she cannot stand here and watch people walking over graves and on headstones, it’s disrespectful. When the boys refused to leave with her she repeated her complaints loudly and headed towards the car. Everyone else in the crowd is oblivious to her scene, most deeply involved in discussion about the show.

The crowd falls into silence as the procession enters the grounds. Gentlemen remove their hats and some bow their heads, but as the procession makes its last turn the crowd erupts in applause. People race towards the road to get pictures of the Winnebago and the hearse as they pull up to the gravesite. Set back from the fanfare, there are more cars pulling off to the sides of the road.  People wave and smile at each other, giving hugs and taking pictures with the memorial headstone. Today we celebrate the death of an icon in hopes of providing healthcare for less fortunate individuals. Please visit here If you would like to donate.

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