Pro Wrestling in the 505

After two-years, pro-wrestling will be making a triumphant return to Albuquerque on December 6th. This professional entertainment for the family will feature star performers from the Southwest circuit, including eight locals from Albuquerque itself. This is just the first in many shows around the city by, Destiny Wrestling Organization at the Mckernan Sports and Entertainment Event Center at Five-Points and Bridge, in the south valley. The live experience is not something to be missed as tag-team titles are fought for.

After the long hiatus, Chavez Crespin Promotions is reigniting the spark of pro-wrestling at the local level. These live performances are risky, with original movements than what you see on WWE on TV. Go big is the theme of the shows here on the Southwest circuit. With more room for more styles, the live audience will witness new moves and combinations done with strength and agility. There will be Lucha Libre, American a technical style, Catch psychology wrestling, strong style strike orient.

The dedication and determination of these wrestlers are clear. In order to train for one of these performances, the wrestlers must first train on a plywood and a steel pole rig in the backyard of one of the top wrestlers. Josh Pain and Dexter have a strict training regiment designed to weed out the weak, and create true wrestling machines. This means that when it’s 109 degrees in Albuquerque, these wrestlers are roasting on the steel poles, or 30 degrees, they are freezing on the steel poles numerous days a week to learn how to put on a good show.

The DeathRage Cartel will be there trying to convert good guy Amsterdam to the dark side, while fighting for tag-team titles. Other featured performers to keep an eye on are Hobo Hank and Moshpit Mike. It’s time to get inform and get in on the action. Pick a side and heckle your favorite wrestler.

Come out and support your local wrestlers before they become superstars. There will be crowd interaction and good times had by all. Be amazed by the jumps, throws, and elbows flying in and outside of the ring. Tickets available at or come out on Monday nights to Back Alley Draft House open mic night and get them in person from Amsterdam himself. Support your local scene.

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