Back Alley Draft House

Nestled behind NYPD Pizza on Central Ave in the basement is Back Alley Draft House. You may have heard the name last year when the rains came and flooded the downtown area. There was a picture of the Draft House going around on Facebook with water rushing through the bar. If you missed out on hearing about it then, now is the time to try it.

They are well stock with microbrews from around the country on tap and you can have hot food served up from NYPD Pizza, they share a kitchen. We walked in early on a Saturday evening. The place only had a handful of patrons but the sun was still up. Taking a seat at the bar we were greeted by Kendra the friendly bartender who helped us choose the beer best suited to each of our taste. The Stone Stout is a great choice if like me you love the darker beers. Kendra told us about the place and that there would be an open MIC comedy night there on Mon about 6:30. We took our time drinking our beers. If you have ever had a strong stout you know you only get one and you should enjoy it.

We returned on Mon to check out the open MIC night. Good comedians mostly local one from Detroit. Good laughs, nothing clean or family oriented about the evening. During the day the Back Alley Draft House is a family friendly environment with good food and a big screen TV. Check out The Back Alley Draft House regularly for their cheerful bartenders and rotating selection of microbrews on tap.

Check out more at  New Mexico Entertainment

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