Nightlife in Santa Fe

Pulling into Santa Fe around 8, food was calling our name. First stop Second Street Brewery on 2nd street, in its original location. They had a live band playing in the middle of the floor; an Irish couple on the night in question. The wait was short and made short by the large selection of in-house brews. After a good beer, and some great music, we moved on with our evening.

The Matador is a well-known little gem just off Santa Fe’s famous plaza. A basement dive bar with blaring punk rock, and an eclectic crowd, it’s a perfect place to begin or end your night. In this case we did both. Don’t be fooled by the poster on the wall and ratty bar stools. The Matador can hold its own with any bar in town. Open for seven years, you can enjoy the old movies on the TV or get a seat in the other room around the stripper pole – the choice is yours.

Just down the street from The Matador is The Den. DJ Luna was spinning some serious EDM (electronic dance music). A complete 180 from Matador’s dive bar personality, The Den has high-end furnishings with fireplaces burning. The light show is hypnotic and has well-dressed bartenders serve up of drinks.

The best part about Santa Fe – it’s all right there, so you don’t have to choose. You can cover just about every kind of music you want within a single block next to the plaza.

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