Dum Dum Girls

The melodic beats of “Boys and Girls Club” off the album Too True by the Dum Dum Girls will transport you back to the 90s. A time when girl power was everything and black eyeliner was a must, Sub Pop recorders deliver this band to us. Many of you who are familiar with classic acts, like Nirvana, know that this label only chooses the grungiest, most melon collie bands to dispense to the masses, and the Dum Dum Girls deliver beautifully. The haunting vocals of singer/ song writer Dee Dee Penny (aka Kristin Welchez), induce a trance like state some where between euphoria and wondering where it all went wrong.

The new album Too True follows the bands Only in Dreams LP from 2011 and the End of Daze EP in 2012. The End of Daze EP received best in music from Pitchfork, and the single “Lord Knows” received best new track the same year from Pitchfork. Pitchfork host two major music festivals a year one in Chicago Il and the other in Paris France. They also have topped the list with their singles on CMJ.com. For those in the know, CMJ connects music fans with new music and offers digital discovery services. The band’s original heartache and lo-fi style has given way to a stronger more polished vibe in the new album. If you have been looking for a new band that doesn’t sound like everyone else out there on the pop music station, I suggest you strap on your doc martens and play the record loud. If your neighbors aren’t banging, then you not doing it right.

With sold out shows across the nation, Dum Dum Girls are attacking quite a following. They will be playing locally here at Sister on March 10th. Luckily for us in the Land of Enchantment there are still tickets available. Visit http://holdmyticket.com/event/153125 to buy your tickets for the show.
Check out more at: www.NMEntertains.com

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