Comedy night at Sandia Bowl

People will tell you that Albuquerque lacks a lot of things that other cities have and it’s true, but Sandia Bowl is stepping in to fill one of those needs. They are hosting a comedy night right here in town, every other Saturday night. Walking in the staff was great possibly a bit over whelmed. The small bar in Sandia Bowl filled up quickly for the comedy night featuring numerous local comedians and a first time Host.

Everybody was funny but if your easily offended or have tender ears stay out in the bowling area. Offensive subject matter, cuss words, and the possibility of being the butt of the joke were served up on the menu along with cold beer and drinks. The only thing missing was the stench of cigarette smoke hanging in the air. Come to think of it I really didn’t miss that part at all. The comedians were given a short amount of time to impress the crowd and they al lived up to the challenge. Even when the jokes were slow or the timing was off a recovery was always made. This was a promising start to many humorous Saturdays to come.

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