Design by Wine

If you have a free night and have always wanted to hang your own beautiful piece of artwork on your wall, then you should check out Design by Wine.  Kelly Jo Designs, Inc. in Los Ranchos, New Mexico offers multiple classes a month for painting your own masterpiece. On the weekend, they have family-friendly afternoon classes and adult evening classes. Check out their calendar to choose your  favorite piece of art and the perfect day.

            Design by Wine asks you to arrive 30 minutes before the class starts.  I would suggest you leave yourself a little more time than that. When you arrive at the studio, the front is filled with amazing pottery, paintings, and jewelry. Once you make it through to the back, you sign in for your class and are escorted to your seat where your easel and canvas await. Paints, aprons, and multiple-sized brushes are all supplied for you.

            After you have your workstation set up the way you like, you can then move on to the wine station. Yes, you read that right. Here you can sample some of the many wines they have on hand for each class. The selections do change so make sure you check the menu. You can purchase your wine by the glass or the bottle. For non-drinking attendees, they also have sodas and water.  

            When everyone is settled back in, the instructor demonstrates how to recreate the painting for the night. She gives clear advice starting with how to mix colors and moving on to what size brush to use. The instructions are broken into small pieces, in between which energetic music is turned up while the class paints. I would highly recommend during one of these periods that you take a walk around the group and see what everybody is doing. The classes are about three hours long, but Kelly Jo and her friendly staff don’t rush anybody in the process of creating their masterpiece. While there is no food served, you can bring snacks for yourself or the whole class.

            The only disappointing part of the class is when it ends. Thank goodness they have many different pictures to choose from and the choices are always changing.  Thanks to Design by Wine, there are no longer any excuses for not having art on your walls.

New Mexico Entertainment Magazine

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