NaNoWriMo Trials and tribulations

Ok so I’m going to be soul bearingly honest with you people. I have participated in NaNoWriMo 2 times prior to this month. Once in November where I started a Young Adult novel, or YA as it’s known in the industry, that I ended up finding in Feb of the following year, and during the summer camp 2013 I started another YA novel that I ended up finishing in Sept. So it’s clear I suck with deadlines. To remedy that situation for this year I’ve been reading a bunch of books about how to write a novel. Things like plotting to increase you word count. Character building for meaning. This I thought would help me complete this novel on time and avoid the pitfalls that have plagued me before.  Most of these books didn’t tell me anything I hadn’t already tried before, but I tried to stay positive.

So this year NaNoWriMo began Friday. I sat down dutifully on Thursday evening for the millionth time to plot out a story to write in Nov. When nothing came to mind I decide maybe I should just skip it this time, after all I had two books that needed a lot of attention from me before going to an editor, that I still need to find, that’s a whole different can of worms.  I got up Friday morning and opened my computer and decided I would focus the time I had set aside to write on editing. Then it hit me. A line out of the blue popped into my head in a female voice followed by a background pictures. So I wrote it down.

Here I am Nov.3 three days in to writing a thriller, a murder, a mystery maybe I’m not really sure I don’t get to find out what happens next until I sit down in front of the computer to write. I think about what might happen next while I’m doing those other things one does during the day, but I don’t know. I sit down often with a clear idea of what I’m going to write but the character takes over. This is her story I’m just the fingers and the keyboards.

Just over 8,000 words in I’m on track to hit my goal and hit it early. I’m making myself accountable to me and to you. Now I’m dying to know what happens next so back to the novel I go.

It’s not too late to start the challenge or just take a look around

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